High-Quality, Cost-Effective and Timely HUD Environmental Clearance is what we do.

We ensure HUD environmental compliance is met at a low cost and on schedule.

HUD Requirements

Before grant funds can be spent on Construction, the Responsible Entity (RE) which is typically a City or County, must ensure the project meets federal, state, and local environmental standards.

The environmental review process is required for all HUD-assisted projects to ensure that the proposed project does not negatively impact the surrounding environment and that the property site itself will not have an adverse environmental or health effect on end users.

The Federal Laws and Authorities which must be reviewed include:

  • Air Quality
  • Airport Hazards
  • Coastal Barrier Resources
  • Coastal Zone Management
  • Endangered Species
  • Environmental Justice
  • Explosive and Flammable Facilities
  • Farmlands Protection
  • Flood Insurance
  • Floodplain Management
  • Historic Preservation
  • Noise Abatement and Control
  • Site Contamination
  • Sole Source Aquifers
  • Wetlands Protection
  • Wild and Scenic Rivers

What We Do

After determining the level of review that will be required, we review project descriptions, maps, photos and other federal and state review guidelines to ensure it is in compliance with HUD which must be done before grant funds can be used for any construction.

If we determine any portion of the project will not comply, we work with the grant recipient to modify or mitigate the project so that it will as the ultimate goal is to free up the grant money.

Once we have finalized the review, we provide the client with the required Environmental Review Record (ERR) which will be needed when the project is audited by HUD or the state agency overseeing the project on behalf of HUD.

Special Studies

We have aligned ourselves with partners who can provide any of the specialized environmental studies

  • Wetlands Delineations
  • Species Surveys
  • Archaeological Surveys
  • USACE Permitting
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Resources and Mapping Capabilities

Our team has extensive experience working with all of the major websites recommended by HUD to obtain necessary mapping and data to complete HUD related NEPA compliance projects.

We are also capable of creating GIS databases from the data sets obtained from the various sources and integrating them into usable CAD files and GIS mapping systems. Our network of environmental partners enables us to conduct more in-depth environmental studies and permitting such as:

Why Cave Consulting

Simply put, our in-depth experience with HUD projects, the technology we employ and skill sets we possess allow our clients to get their projects cleared faster and cheaper than they could doing it themselves or hiring an environmental firm.

We also are able to provide specialized studies such as Wetlands Delineations, USACE Permitting, Species Surveys, Archaeological Surveys and Phase I / Phase 2 ESA’s through our environmental partners, further simplifying the environmental process for the client.

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